Talent Ready

BE READY to understand your talent’s capabilities and potential.

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Talent is an essential part of your sales business.


CEOs think skills are a key concern in their current team


Turnover in sales versus the overall workforce

Source: CSO Insights


U.S. workers who are disengaged from their job

Partner in the Sales Consulting Practice for Miller Heiman Group, Harry Dunklin, explains how Miller Heiman Group assesses talent within an organization.

Business relies on talent. And talent drives business.

When it comes to sales and service development, talent is critical. This is true of both your leadership and your individual performers. That’s why we offer Talent Ready. It assesses your organization’s talent and potential hires by asking two critical questions.

What are a person’s capabilities? What is that person’s potential?

At every point along the talent lifecycle of sales professionals and leaders, assessment plays a critical role. From initial selection to succession planning to job transition, it is important to understand what top performers do consistently and leverage that knowledge to create a path to success for sales professionals at every level.