Strategy Ready

BE READY to enable your sales and service strategy with consulting and research services.

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Miller Heiman Group Partner, Harry Dunklin, explains how Strategy Ready was developed and the goal of our Strategy Ready offering.

Effective strategies are like fingerprints. No two are alike.

Strategy is critical. But strategy is only half of the equation. When processes don’t align to the strategy, you won’t be able to put your strategy into motion. Without the right people to execute it, your great strategy will fail. And if your leadership doesn’t know how to reinforce and lead your strategy, your people will be rendered ineffective.

You need to ensure that you have the right components for your strategy. And you need the tools to benchmark your progress. That’s why you need Strategy Ready from Miller Heiman Group.

Strategy Ready looks at the entire customer experience, including diagnostics, talent, compensation and enablement. This gives us the widest view and deepest insight into your customer’s behavior. And that’s where we start, because customers dictate success and success dictates profitability.

SalesSystemTM CQ. Our diagnostic solution that leads to a higher organizational IQ.

You need an objective viewpoint on your sales force and its effectiveness, but you’re too close to your people and processes. Enter SalesSystem Capabilities Quotient (CQ).

SalesSystem™ CQ provides a clear pathway to improved performance by diagnosing 54 dimensions in the six key elements. This provides a single overall benchmark score, as well as scores for each of the elements. These scores provide opportunities for immediate improvements. They also raise flags on areas that need further investigation through qualitative research.