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My wife wanted to buy a new phone.

The assistant explained that there were three models available on her upgrade plan, pointed at the one he thought was best and said, “So, this one has the Super Retina HD on a 5.8-inch all-screen OLED Multi-Touch HDR display. It has wide color, true tone display which gives you 2436 by 1125-pixel resolution at 458 PPI. Oh and, the new 3D Touch with the Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating.”

Oleophobic he pronounced very slowly and carefully, making sure to get it right. I got the impression it had been rehearsed numerous times in team meetings.

“As you’d expect”, he went on, “The chip is the A11 bionic with 64-bit architecture for the neural engine and embedded M11 motion coprocessor. Oh, and the camera! The camera has optical zoom, digital zoom, portrait mode, portrait lighting, a backside illumination sensor and stabilization for Live Photos. You’ve got your wide color capture for both photos and live photos and both burst and timer modes.”

By now he had turned bright red and was panting like an Olympic sprinter, but his features dump was not done yet.

“But you also get Siri, you know the voice thing? You can use your voice to send messages, set reminders and get intelligent suggestions for texts or emails. You just activate it by saying “Hey Siri”. Oh, and you can listen and identify…”

He drifted to an incomplete end when he noticed my wife had wandered away.

You see, she just wanted a phone loud enough to hear in noisy shops and with a long ring-time, so she could get to it in her handbag.

Had he taken the time to just ask a couple of questions before launching into his admittedly impressive spiel he’d have known this (we call it figuring out your customer’s concept) and he’d have made a straightforward sale and saved himself a lot of time.

Presenting to prospects is simply about making connections between what they want and what you offer. Product knowledge is great but without an appreciation of what the customer is trying to change, it’s useless.

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