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This post is to introduce a very valuable tool that our research arm, CSO Insights, have developed. We call it the Sales Performance Meter.
There are just 14 questions to answer and once completed, you receive a report which benchmarks you against the 12 sales best practices identified in our 2017 World-Class Sales Practices Study.

You can access it via this link:

In essence, the tool provides a lens through which to look at where your sales organization may benefit from additional focus. The input you provide the tool with is compared to the responses of over 1,300 sales performers world-wide, from the 2017 Study.

The detailed report you receive consists of three main sections.

In the first section, the Sales Relationship Process (SRP) Matrix is used to look at sales effectiveness through two lenses: customer relationship management and sales process implementation. Based on your input, you are plotted into one of three performance levels and given insight into the performance differences among each. This will help you determine whether you may benefit from securing your current position on the matrix or striving to improve it.

The second section focuses on organizational sales practices that can be taken to move your organization from one level of performance on the SRP Matrix to another. The 12 practices included in this tool were identified from over 60+ practices having the most significant link to positive performance. For each practice, your responses are compared to “World-Class” performers – the elite 7% of survey respondents who successfully execute on at least ten of the twelve World-Class practices and achieve the highest level of results in our study.

The third section looks at the practices in aggregate and how they work together within the context of the Miller Heiman Group Sales System. This will help focus your action-planning.

We thought the tool might be particularly useful for you in 2018. Please let me know what you think.

Meanwhile, here’s the link once more:

If you have any queries then please do contact us.

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