Five reasons to choose Miller Heiman Group Middle East

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Our rich history

Many people know the Miller Heiman name or, more likely, its industry changing sales planning tools, the Blue Sheets and Green sheets. But the new group is so much more since it combined with the brands of AchieveGlobal, Huthwaite, Channel Enablers, Impact Learning and CSO Insights. We believe we now have the most powerful set of tools available in the sales development industry and as our CEO Byron Matthews says, there is nothing that a Head of Sales can worry about that we can’t help with.


Our holistic approach

We have developed our own Client Engagement Methodology to ensure our project implementations cover the entire sales journey. We know that an off the shelf training program, whilst better than nothing and often part of a wider solution, is not enough by itself.

Our clients value our work

Nobody is better placed to judge the quality of what we do than our customers and we’re proud of our track record of customer relations that stretch back many years and cover multiple projects. We’re naturally particularly proud of the ones our own office has overseen like the one below from Boubyan Bank in Kuwait.


Everything we do is research based

We know there are training companies out there that effectively outsource their content development to Google and we believe this is simply not good enough.

We have an independent sister company, CSO Insights, whose focus is on articulating and understanding what World-Class sales organisations are doing to be successful and passing that on as easy and accessible research and tools.

For example, their sales performance meter provides an instant assessment of your company’s sales performance but provides a detailed report that save you days in creating next year’s sales plan.

We know the Middle East

We have a physical presence in the UK and in Riyadh, KSA, but crucially all of our business development team, project managers and consultants know the Middle East well and are very experienced in working there. We know that sometimes training and other business development tools developed elsewhere don’t immediately work for the environment and culture in Middle eastern countries so we see it as our role to adapt and enhance our content and materials to make sure they do. Whether that’s material translations, bi-lingual delivery or simply changing timetables to fit the demands of the working day, we’ll work with you to make sure you get the outcomes you need.


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